Familytime in the Arctic nature

Winter means familytime in Alta, with nature as a meeting point. Nature becomes a playground for both old and young, as you learn soon enough that you can never be too old to have fun outdoors.

Winter in Alta is a beautiful collection of family moments, surrounded by the greatness of the Arctic. As snow covers the nature, it transforms into a generational playground where activities offer both young and old a chance to enjoy the frosty delights. The peaceful trots of horseback riding with Flatmoen Natur AS, the intimate warmth of Gustus Vinbar and the thrilling pursuit of the Northern Lights with Opplev Finnmark‘s caravan expeditions are just the beginning of this seasonal enchantment.

Sorrisniva adds magic with its ice hotel and exhilarating dog sledding, while the rustic charm of Bjørnfjell Mountain Lodge beckons families to its myriad of snow sports. Holmen Husky enlivens the landscape with spirited sled rides, and Alta Taxi ensures the vast winter wonderland is within reach. Culinary and cultural experiences are not forgotten, with Onga‘s local flavors, Trasti og Trine‘s gourmet offerings, and Sami Siida‘s immersive insights into the Sami heritage, all enriching the winter narrative. Glød Explorer‘s boutique apartments offer a cozy haven to uwind, as Alta Museum and Arctic Nuvsvåg weave the past and present into the fabric of family memories under the Northern Lights.

The call to adventure continues with Finnmark Moods‘ tailored nature encounters, inviting families to capture the Arctic’s powerful beauty from the sea. Æventyr crafts one-of-a-kind journeys off the beaten path, bringing the thrill of discovery to your fingertips. Sami Experience introduces you to the landscape from sea-level. Meanwhile, Alta Event offers an array of activities that turn the Arctic winter into a playground of possibilities. This winter can become a treasured chapter in every family’s book of life.

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