Cool fatbike tour

Fatbiking is a fun and exciting activity in winter and summer.




Fall, winter, spring


3 hours

In the area around Camp Aurora we have several kilometers of spectacular trails. The trails we ride are varied and not too demanding. We make small stops along the way, we take some pictures and our guide gives you an insight into life in Finnmark.

The tour can be conducted every day during the period November – April.

We encourage all our guests to wear warm lingerie, warm socks and preferably tile as an intermediate garment. Footwear: It is important to have good footwear that is also sturdy and warm. The winter in Alta can be anything from minus 5 to minus 25.

This tour is suitable for most people. You must have cycled earlier. The walk is in light terrain. We have toilet facilities in the immediate vicinity where we start and end the trip.

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