Tourist information

Welcome to Alta! We are glad that you have chosen Alta as your destination. Here we have gathered all the information you need to get the most out of your Alta visit.

Where to find

You can find the post office in Alta at REMA 1000 in city center. The address is Bjørn Wirkolas vei 15.

At Sparebank1 Nord-Norge you will find an ATM available around the clock. The address here is Løkkeveien 115.

Alta has several pharmacies. In the city center you will find Apotek1 inside AMFI and in Markveien 14 (outside Parksenter). Boots’ apotek is located both in Bossekop and on Elvebakken.

In Alta, you will find charging stations in three different locations. There are 6 chargers at Alta Airport. In the center there are a total of 12 chargers, distributed among four different charging stations. There are also 6 chargers in the center of Bossekop, behind Coop Extra Bossekop.

It’s always nice to take home memories of a great holiday experience. In Alta, you can buy souvenirs at Boreal Adventure’s gift shop (Labyrinten 3) in the centre, at Alta Museum, Sorrisniva and in Æventyrs Explorer Store (Løkkeveien 6).

There are over 1,000 parking spaces in the center of Alta. It is zoned parking, which means that you are not allowed to park outside of signposted parking spaces. The municipal car parks are chargeable between 10am and 8pm (Monday-Friday) and 10am-6pm (Saturday). The price per hour is NOK 25. In car park P7, close to Scandic, there is a short-term parking space where you pay NOK 80 for the entire fee period.

Alta municipality has an emergency room that covers immediate assistance. The day emergency room is staffed from 08 am to 4 pm, with ordinary emergency room from 04 pm-08 am. There is a regular emergency service around the clock on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. The telephone number for the emergency department is 116 117. In case of immediate danger to life and health, call 113.