A world of unreal contrasts

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Tom Birger Anundsen

Alta is located at the intersection of the sea and the “vidde”. This geographic area has, since the Stone Age, been a meeting place for several indigenous people groups. They have built their common history and future to master the rugged arctic environment.

Alta. Áltá. Alattio.

The “three tribes meeting” is an expression that conveys that the settlement in an area or place has mainly consisted of Sami, Kven and Norwegians. For centuries they have lived side by side in the arctic region.

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Next to nothing.

Alta is different. In a good way. Within minutes from the city centre you can experience silence like you never did before. The magnitude and the intense presence of nature leaves most of us speachless.

Close to everything.

Alta is a natural hub and stopping point in the Arctic region. The stable climate facilitate an abundance of exhilarating year-round activities. The city is urban, warm and walcoming. So are the people.

This is arctic living

The variation between seasons, the never setting Midnight Sun, and the darkness of the Polar Night defines who we are and how we live.