Jon Vidar Bull/Offroad Finnmark

Biking is part of Alta’s DNA

In Alta, the biking city, biking takes place all year round. Maybe not so strange, considering the beautiful trails and trails we surround ourselves with all year round.

At the end of July, Offroad Finnmark, the three longest and toughest terrain rides in Norway, will be held. Not only that; OF700 is the longest and toughest terrain ride in the world. Under the midnight sun in Europe’s last wilderness, there is man against nature.

The terrain ride is a good reason that describes why biking is part of our DNA. Interest in biking exploded in Alta and the Finnmark region after the start of Offroad Finnmark in 2008. Since then, it has only increased.

Offroad Finnmark consists of several races, all of which are long and tough. The most eager cyclists can compete in 150 km, 300 km or 700 km. There are also bicycle rides for children, young people and a 20-km ride for the whole family.

Offroad Finnmark is one of the partners of Visit Alta. Although long and tough bike rides are their main business, they are no stranger to tips about nice and shorter bike rides in Alta.

Download maps for the routes

All the routes below are available for download as GPX files. These files should be downloaded to a GPS or a telephone. When using a telephone, you use, for example, Norgeskart, and place the tracks on the map. Here you can also navigate without phone service. Here you will find the GPX files.

Family trip of 20 km

One of these trips is a round trip of 20 km for the whole family. Here you can start at several different points, depending on what suits you best. If you start from the city center, you bike over Sandfallet, down to Altabrua and up along the Alta River to Upper Alta. From here you bike into the Gakori trail and follow it back to the city center.

30 km round trip

A slightly longer trip, is the round trip of 30 km. It has the same starting point as the family trip of 20 km, but in Upper Alta you continue further up the river, before biking on Skillemo into the Eiby trail which takes you further into the Gakori trail and from there back to the city center.

Long trip of almost 60 km

The next trip is of the longer kind and almost twice as long as the round trip. Here you bike further along the E45 in Eiby and continue up past Nallovarrevannet. Large parts of the trail go in terrain and it is therefore important to have good cushioning and good tires. The trip is a total of 58 kilometers.

Long trip of 120 km

The last trip is a great trip in the wilderness. Here you bike from the city center and up through Tverrelvdalen towards Stilla. At Tutteberget, the trip goes over Jotkavannet and further down to Jotka mountain lodge. The mountain lodge is a classic on the plateau and here it is possible to book accommodation and dinner, but once you are on the plateau we would also recommend a night in a tent under the midnight sun. The trip continues towards Finnmark’s largest lake, Iešjávri, before turning and biking back towards Stilla. At Gámasvárri you bike further towards Bollo and Detsika, and continue along the river back to Kronstad. From here, the trip continues over Altabrua, up on Sandfallet and back to the city center.

Or do you want to go on a trip with one of our partners?

Several of our partners offer great biking activities in Alta, both in summer and in winter. With good guides, the trip is complete!