Alta – the city of the northern lights

Alta is a great choice for vistors seeking to experience the magic of the Northern Lights. As since year 2000 it has been named the city of the Northern Lights. The stable climate with many days of clear sky and in general very good weather conditions are reasons why several international scientific expeditions carried out in Alta. In 1899 Kristian Birkeland bulit the world’s first Northern Lights observatory  in the top of Mt. Haldde.

Aurora Borealis

Visitors have always been delighted by the Northern Lights, which are also called the Aurora Borealis, and there are many myths associated with them. When visiting Alta you can learn more about what the Northern Lights actually are and the best way of seeing them, and obviously more about the myths and stories associated with them.

Hunt for the Northern Lights

It is not always easy to find the Northern Lights and that is why there are a number of providers of Northern Lights hunting services. Being in the right place at the right time is essential and our local guides are experts at finding them. They will also be able to help you take perfect photos and, not least, explain more about the phenomenon.

Northern Lights Cathedral

The Northern Lights Cathedral is a modern cathedral in a modern city, as elegant as the Northern Lights themselves. The Link firm of architects in Stavanger designed the cathedral which is shaped like a spiral coiling upwards towards the building’s clock tower. The Northern Lights provided one of the sources of inspiration for the design which, when observed from all angles, gives the appearance of cascading waves, just like the Northern Lights. The cathedral was consecrated on 10 February 2013.

BorealisAlta, an immersive northern lights exhibiton

BorealisAlta is an interactive exhibition with unique and atmospheric experiences based on Sami myths about the northern lights. The beauty and power of the northern lights have fascinated people across the ages. While various cultures have told their own stories about the aurora borealis, researchers have been looking for a scientific explanation of the phenomenonThe exhibition is tailormade for the Northern Light City of Alta and is located in the Northern Lights Cathedral.