Experience the Magic of the Northern Lights on a Two-Hour Hunt from Alta

Discover the wonders of the Northern Lights on a two-hour tour from Alta. A unique experience that combines magnificent nature and optimal hunting for the aurora borealis






2 hours

Join us on a fantastic two-hour Northern Lights hunt, an experience starting right from Alta city center or cruise quay. We take you to the ideal spots around Alta, where city lights don’t disturb, and where you can see the Northern Lights and starry sky clearest. This tour is designed to give you the best chance to witness the majestic Northern Lights.

Whether it’s for individual adventurers or large groups up to 48 people, we have transportation options to suit – from comfortable taxis to larger buses. The tour is categorized as easy, making it accessible to everyone. With various transportation means available, we ensure your Northern Lights hunt is as comfortable and memorable as possible. Let us take you on a magical adventure under the Arctic’s starry sky!

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