Hunting the northern lights

Do you want to join us in the hunt for the Northern Lights? We will take you to the best places the northern lights can appear in the evening sky.


Winter and fall




3 hours

Alta is the perfect place to experience the magical northern lights. Did you know that the world’s first northern lights observatory was built in Alta?

When the sun begins to recede in September, it gets darker in the evening. The northern lights begin to appear in the evening sky. In this period of the year, the northern lights help to create both admiration and fascination for those who experience it.

From September to the end of March, you can see and experience the northern lights with us in Sorrisniva. By observing the northern lights and the weather forecast, the guide takes you to the best places to see the northern lights. Sometimes the coastline is followed and other times the trip takes us up to the Finnmark plateau.

The guide has knowledge of the northern lights, basic photography knowledge and can also tell you about what it has been like to grow up under the northern lights.

During the trip you will have time to enjoy the silence and the darkness. Our guide will make sure you feel comfortable, answer all your questions and help you with your own camera.

Our Northern Lights tours start from Sorrisniva, which is a 20-minute drive from the center of Alta. The guide will meet you at our reception just before the Northern Lights hunt starts.

Other information

  • Bring warm clothes – check the weather forecast before you join the trip. Even though the trip is by bus, we will also be outside for a longer period of time.
  • Sorrisniva reserves the right to cancel the trip in extreme weather conditions.

We offer transport to and from the center of Alta. This must be booked in advance and involves an additional price.

This trip can be combined with other activities that we offer. Feel free to contact us at for more information. Or visit our website.

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Join us on the Northern Lights hunt

Alta is the city of northern lights and perfect to experience Aurora Borealis.