3-Hour Northern Lights Hunt with Optional Catering

Experience an unforgettable night under the Northern Lights! We take you from Alta city center or the cruise quay on a tailor-made tour to the best viewpoints. Combine this with a unique encounter with Sami culture and reindeer. An adventurous journey awaits you!






3 hours

Discover the Northern Lights on an Exclusive Hunting Tour from Alta City Center or Cruise Quay

Join us on an unforgettable journey to hunt the Northern Lights! Starting from Alta city center or directly from the cruise quay, we offer a customized tour where we actively monitor weather conditions. Whether it’s north, west, or south, we take you to the best weather locations for this spectacular natural phenomenon.

To ensure the best view, we take you to heights where city lights don’t interfere, providing a clear and dazzling view of the Northern Lights and stars. We do our best to hunt the Northern Lights based on prevailing weather conditions.

Experience Sami Culture and Reindeer Herding

In addition to hunting the Northern Lights, we offer a unique opportunity to visit a Sami siida. Here, you get a chance to meet and feed reindeer and enjoy a local snack with a drink. This visit to Sami Siida is an enriching experience paid for by each participant. Join us on this magical journey to explore some of Norway’s hidden treasures!

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