Northern Lights Safari watching tour in Altafjord

Experience the magic of Altafjord under the Northern Lights with finnmark moods’ exceptional Northern Lights Safari. Enjoy an unforgettable journey in comfort and style aboard our boats! 


Havneveien 24, Alta




3 h



Join us on a magical Northern Lights Safari in the unique environment of Finnmark. Our specially adapted boats provide a comfortable and safe trip, perfect for admiring the Altafjord night sky and the Northern Lights.  

The tour starts from our central location in Alta harbor, where our experienced guides will welcome you. Onboard, you will find comfortable, heated indoor observation areas, as well as an open deck for those who wish to view the Northern Lights directly under starry skies between the mountains on the “dark” sea. While admiring the spectacular view of the fjord, our guides will share fascinating information about the science of the Northern Lights and local cultural history, and point out the best spots for experiencing the light show.  
Although we cannot guarantee the sight of the Northern Lights, Altafjord is one of the best places in the world to observe this phenomenon. Regardless of the Northern Lights activity, the tour will provide a spectacular view of the majestic Arctic landscape and offer exceptional opportunities to experience the diversity of wildlife in the area.  
– View the breathtaking natural beauty of Altafjord under the starry sky and the Northern Lights from our comfortable boats.  
– No disturbing lights around us. Black sea with mountains on each side.  
– Learn about the science of the Northern Lights and the rich cultural history of the area.  
– The chance to experience one of nature’s most amazing phenomena.  
– The tour lasts about 3 hours.  

Guests are encouraged to dress warmly, as they can choose to admire the Northern Lights from our heated indoor area or outdoor deck. Although our boats are well heated, it is recommended to be prepared for cold conditions, especially if you wish to stay outdoors during the journey.  
– Experienced and knowledgeable guides.  
– Observation areas both outside and inside.  
– Comfortable and safe boat trip. 

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