The variations in the seasons define who we are

The variation between the seasons, the midnight sun that never sets and the eternal darkness define who we are and how we live.

There is great variation between the seasons in Alta. No matter what contrasts you want to explore in life, Alta has it. In summer, the midnight sun creates a wonderfully illuminated backdrop for all activities. At the same time, the distinction between night and day disappears. In winter, nature appears more inhospitable. The truth is that it triggers our adventurous spirit even more. The absolute darkness of the Polar Nights is intense, but we have learned to deal with it. All seasons and activities have their own unique contrasts to offer. The enchanting arctic light is an integral part of what we call arctic living.

Although Alta is located on the coast, there is no distinct coastal climate to boast of. We might call it a good mix of coastal climate and inland climate. In winter it rarely gets colder than −25 ° C, while in summer it rarely gets warmer than 25 ° C. Spring is cold and comes late, and usually lasts for only a few days before summer is in full bloom. For many, autumn is the best time of the year, when we can harvest berries and mushrooms, go hunting and enjoy the fantastic autumn colors.