Autumn in Alta

Autumn is one of the most exciting times of the year in Alta, not to mention one of the greatest seasons to head outside and enjoy nature. Alta’s varied terrain brings endless possibilities to choose from, whether you enjoy spending your time in the forest, the mountains or up on the great Finnmark plateau.

In Alta, autumn is all about harvesting nature’s many gifts. When the air cools down, the midnight sun slips away in favour of darker nights and nature puts on its flaming cloak – the locals in Alta head out into woods and marshes. There’s one berry that’s especially sought after – the cloudberry, known as the gold of the Finnmark plateau. Yet, picking blueberries and lingonberries is also an important local tradition at this time of the year and one many wouldn’t go without. When we head outside, we often bring our berry-picker or mushroom-basket – for those who know which are safe to pick. Still, if you don’t wish to do the harvesting yourself, many of our local restaurants specialize in turning all our local pickings into delicious food for you to enjoy.

Who are you travelling with?

Outdoor life and nature activities has an integral role in our daily lives in Alta, and we’re lucky to have a wide array of hiking destinations suitable for people of all ages. Our highest mountain is Mount Haldde, where the world’s first permanent northern lights observatory was built over 100 years ago. Every august Glød Explorer, one of our local partners, arranges Halddemarsjen (The Haldde March). This is a communal hike, where a high percentage of the locals head up to the top of the 907-meter-tall mountain to compete in a race, enjoy the view and each other’s company.

One of the most remarkable places you can visit – if you want a longer hike – is Alta Canyon, also known as Sautso, Northern-Europe’s biggest canyon. From the edge you can gaze down at Alta’s flowing heart, Alta River, as it makes it meandering way to the sea. Yet, the locals in Alta don’t need to spend a whole day walking to enjoy themselves in nature. Alta’s overflowing with awesome nature trails and hikes, so it’s easy pickings for anyone who wants to head outside.  

As a guest to Alta you will meet many, skilled guides that would love to bring you along on an adventure outdoors to enjoy the city in autumn’s many colours. Do you wish to try your hands at a mountain-bike trip up in the mountains or to join a team of huskies on a dogcart-tour through the forest? Or how about hunting the northern lights as they make their first journey across the Autumn sky. Whatever you dream of the adventures are all lined up for you to enjoy.