Alta is the gateway to Finnmark

Alta is regarded by many people as being the gateway to Finnmark and the starting point for onward travel to other places like Karasjok, Kautokeino, Hammerfest and the North Cape.



The starting point for your holiday and the gateway to Finnmark. Alta is a natural hub in the region and here you find the biggest airport in Finnmark.



The northernmost town in the world. An urban surprise, full of life and outdoor activities. The zig zag road and Mount Tyven is worth a hike.



The end of the world. A real bucket list experience. Northcape is a four hour drive from Alta. Honningsvåg, Magerøya and Skarsvåg are hidden gems that are worth a visit.



Kautokeino is the municipality in Norway with most Sami-speaking inhabitants.



Karasjok houses the Sami Parliament, which works for Sami culture and rights.

At the end of Norway

The North Cape Plateau, located at the top of Europe, is also only a few hours by car from Alta. Here you will find a fantastic view of the end of the world and only Svalbard separates you and the North Pole when you stand at the far end here. Magerøya, Skarsvåg and Honningsvåg have several hidden gems that are worth a visit.

On the way to the North Cape, we recommend stopping at the world’s northernmost town, Hammerfest, or one of the small fishing villages along the way to get a taste of the coastal culture. The city is an urban surprise full of life and outdoor activities. Hammerfest also offers the opportunity for Arctic island hopping, to Sørøya and Seiland, among others.

A visit to Sápmi

Along national road 93 you will find the Sami villages Maze, Karasjok and Kautokeino. Here, the Sami culture flourishes to the highest degree. The Sami are Norway’s indigenous people, and life on the Finnmarksvidda reflects Sami history, culture and the present.

In Karasjok you will find Sàpmi Park, a magical theater that gives you insight into the culture, history and mythology. Here you will also find the Sami Parliament, which works to safeguard Sami culture and rights.

Kautokeino is the municipality in Norway with the most Sami-speaking inhabitants and as many as nine out of ten have Sami as their first language. On a hill above Kautokeino you will find Juhls Silvergallery, an eye-catching building where you can buy Sami jewelery.

Finnmark is wating for you to discover all of it’s arctic majesty.