Get around in Alta

It should be easy to get around Alta. Here you will find an overview of the various transport options available in Alta.

Bus routes

Snelandia operates the bus routes in the county, both city buses and regional buses. At you will find the travel planner for the local bus routes and regional buses, in addition to the bus routes to Tromsø. Choose English language at top right corner.

There are local bus routes around Alta, such as bus to the airport, to the museum and to surrounding areas such as Rafsbotn and Talvik. There are also regional buses that will take you to places like Kautokeino, Hammerfest and Tromsø. At December 1st, The Arctic Route startes to operate the route between Alta and Tromsø.

Taxi in Alta

Alta Taxi offers transport to individuals and groups. There are also wheelchair accessible cars.

Ferries in the region

Several of Visit Alta’s partners live on the islands out in the Altafjord. These are only accessible by ferry connections. Here you will find information about the ferry routes in the Alta region.

Speedboat to and from Alta

You can easily get to Hammerfest, Seiland and Storekorsnes by speedboat. It is not possible to take a car on the speedboats. Here you will find information about the speedboat routes in the Alta region.