Taste of Alta

Do you want local specialties or just something to drink? The locals are interested in short-travelled food and the restaurants are characterized by this. Here you will find everything from nice cafes to first class restaurants.

Alta has a big selection of places to eat, which takes pride in serving you a good meal. On the menus you will find several dishes made from local ingredients, and also international dishes. The local dishes are often served with a fascinating history.

The restaurants often follow the seasons and you get to taste the season you visit us in. For the chefs, it is important to have a close relationship with both fishermen, farmers and reindeer herders, and they are delivered first-class ingredients every week. The menu is composed of the best ingredients Northern Norway has to offer. The fish often come from Lopphavet, Sørøya or Altafjorden, while the meat is sourced from Finnmarksvidda, where the animals have lived through generations and traditions. Local farms supply potatoes and vegetables, while many gather berries and vegetables themselves.