UNO Café

UNO Café was started in June 2012 by the couple Kenneth Svendsen and Wenche U Ånetsen. It is Alta’s largest alcohol-free restaurant and is 100% locally owned.


Markedsgata 21, 9510 Alta





Our restaurant is dedicated to serving good, honest food for all ages. We use fresh ingredients to make most of our dishes from scratch. We have a large and varied menu with a range of nutritious options, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free choices. We are well-known in Alta for our burgers, and we make all our burgers ourselves for the sake of taste.

We have consciously chosen to stay outside the big chains to create a unique atmosphere and offer something different. We are still 100% locally owned and proud to contribute to the local community!

All our cakes are baked by us, especially by Wenche! The baking is done at our subsidiary, UNO Catering & Delicacies, which opened in 2018. We also make all our own dressings, our own burgers, and our Loaded Fries have become very popular!

We have a stable and friendly team of employees who serve around 500 people every day, both in the restaurant and for take-away.

We serve fresh, tasty, and delicious food to everyone!