Wing Wah House

Discover the heart of Chinese culinary art at Wing Wah House in Alta, where tradition meets taste in every dish since 1998.


Markedsgata 4, 9510 Alta





To ensure that our Chinese dishes are as authentic and flavorful as possible, Wing Wah House has been dedicated to mastering the art of Chinese cooking since we opened our doors in the heart of Alta’s city center in 1998. Our passion for genuine Chinese cuisine is reflected in every dish we serve.

Our skilled chefs, with years of experience and a deep understanding of traditional Chinese culinary culture, prepare all dishes from scratch. We are proud to offer a wide range of homemade specialties, each telling its own story of taste and tradition.

We welcome all our guests to share this experience and enjoy the best of Chinese culinary culture here at Wing Wah House. Additionally, we offer catering options for tourist groups. Welcome to a meal that delights the palate and enriches the mind.

Your Chinese culinary journey egins here!

Join us on a journey through authentic flavors and unforgettable experiences.