This is Alta

This is arctic living

Alta is located at 70 degrees north. Far above the Arctic Circle, at the intersection between the fjord and the plateau. This geographical area has, since the Stone Age, been a meeting place for several indigenous people groups. Together, they have built their common history and future to master the rugged Arctic environment.

At this latitude, nature has always been in total control. The variations between the seasons, the never setting midnight sun and the darkness of the Polar Nights defines who we are and how we live. Today, Alta is a natural hub for the region in terms of transport, knowledge and tourism. Our cultural heritage is well rooted in the people and we still live our lives, side by side with nature – on its premises, and with great respect. This is Arctic living.

Alta. Áltá. Alattio.

For centuries, the indigenous people Sami, Kvens and Norwegians have lived side by side in the Arctic region. Farming and fishing were for a long time the basis of life and common denominator for people who settled down in this area. The “three tribes meeting” is an expression that conveys that the settlements in an area or place has mainly consisted of these three indigenous people groups.

This legacy is an important part of both our history and daily life. Today, we are all committed to pave the way for Kven and Sami language and tradition to have the right of life in the future. Who knows, maybe this settlement situation over decades has been an important factor that has made us generous, tolerant and accommodating.

Next to nothing

Alta is different. In a good way that is. Within minutes from the city center you can experience silence like you never did before. The shear magnitude and intense presence of nature leaves most of us speechless. The natural contrasts that we live and thrive among are unique, unadorned and genuine.

Breath. Graze. Pause. Indulge. Just exist. Time is of the essence. There is no need to hurry. Invest a generous amount of time in the great outdoors and the reward is out of this world. That which is considered everyday life of the locals, is truly unique to the majority of the guests visiting the region.

Close to everything

Alta is a natural hub and stopping point in the Arctic region. Good infrastructure, high-end accommodation and world-class cuisine are all good reasons why we can call ourselves good hosts. The stable climate facilitate an abundance of exhilarating year-round activities. The city is urban, warm and welcoming. In the same way as humans.

Combine all this with a mellow down-to-earth mentality safely rooted in history and tradition. People who take their time to show you around, tell the genuine stories with affection and dare to get involved. The result is unique. This is what we like to call true Arctic living.

Unreal contrasts

Cold or warm. Light or dark. Loud or silent. Calm or crazy. Inside or outside. Whatever contrasts you seek to explore in life, Alta has got it. In the summer, the never setting midnight sun nourishes and creates a wonderfully lit backdrop for all activities. All whilst fading out the distinction between night and day. In winter, nature appears more inhospitable. However, the truth is it just triggers our adventurousness even more. The absolute darkness of the Polar Night is intense, but we have learned how to deal with it. All seasons and all activies has its own unique contrasts to offer. The enchanting arctic light is an integral part of what we call arctic living.