Dog Sledding 4 hour trip

Embark on a scenic dog sledding journey on Finnmarksvidda.




4 hours



Begin your journey in Alta, where a comfortable minibus awaits to transport you to the picturesque Gargia. Upon arrival, you’ll be provided with warm clothing to keep you cozy during this unforgettable experience.

Our experienced guides will greet you and provide thorough training on dog sledding. Once you’re ready, you’ll have your own team of huskies. If there are two guests, you’ll take turns driving halfway along the route.

The huskies will lead you from the pine forest near the mountain lodge up to the stunning Finnmarksvidda plateau, with its vast open landscapes. Feel the synergy between our enthusiastic huskies and yourselves, and embrace the crisp Arctic winter.

After approximately 60 minutes outdoors, retreat to the historic Gargia mountain lodge. Here you can warm up with hot coffee and tea. Our guides will share insights about dog sledding and local history.

We and our furry companions warmly welcome you to this unforgettable adventure! 🐾❄️

Embark on a scenic dog sledding journey on Finnmarksvidda

The endless Finnmarksvidda plateau is waiting for you.