Snowmobile safari

Experience Storekorsnes from a snowmobile.






6 hours

Pick up in Alta, the tour goes in beautiful coastal landscape out to our camp at Storekorsnes 45 minutes from Alta, the driver guides along the way, when we arrive at the fishing village everyone is wearing suits and safety gear. We have a safety review and those who drive themselves must have a driver’s license for a car. It is possible to ride a sledge on the trip as well. The safari goes to several vantage points where we photograph. When we return there is a campfire outside and one panoramic barbecue house where everyone can warm up and be served coffee / drinks and soup and bread. The tour includes a visit to our 3000 liter king crab aquarium where a fisherman talks about the king crab and how we catch it. It is possible to keep and photograph live king crabs.