Adventures with nature at the core

Extraordinary nature experiences take the front seat as winter settles in.  Wherever you look you’ll find such stunning nature and adventures they’ll knock your socks off.

As winter envelops Alta in its snowy embrace, this Norwegian gem unveils a realm where breathtaking nature and exhilarating experiences converge. Embrace the Arctic wilderness with Flatmoen Natur‘s horse riding, or seek the mystical Northern Lights on a three-day caravan expedition with Opplev Finnmark. Sorrisniva enchants with its ice hotel and snowmobile safaris, while Finnmark Moods, Holmen Husky and Bjørnfjell Mountain Lodge offer immersive experiences ranging from cultural explorations to adrenaline-fueled adventures. Gustus Vinbar and Trasti og Trine brings you an extraodrinary culinary experience, offering fine wines and exquisite local cuisine, while Alta Taxi ensures seamless travel across these diverse attractions.

The journey through Alta’s winter wonderland continues with unique offerings from Æventyr, Onga and Glød. Each one presenting a distinct facet of Alta’s charm. Sami Siida opens a window to the rich Sami culture, while Sami Experience shows you the landscape from sea-level and Arctic Nuvsvåg invite the more adventurous souls to indulge in activities like randonee skiing. For those seeking a blend of cultural and historical richness, Alta Event and Alta Museum are unmissable stops. In Alta, every moment is an invitation to explore, discover and revel in a world where the beauty of nature and the thrill of adventure exist in perfect harmony.

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Next to nothing. Close to everything. This is arctic living