Snøscootersafari – the highway

Crossing the Finnmark Plateau on a snowmobile is an experience one cannot miss. Seeing and feeling the plateau is the best way to unwind; the plateau is whimsical, and the weather changes quickly. So, experiencing the forces of nature is a beautiful adventure.


Winter, spring




2-4 days

This is the most incredible experience you can have on a snowmobile in the entire world – it’s actually true, and we’re not lying. The journey you embark on takes place in natural surroundings that are among the very best. We begin with valley rides and gradually make our way up towards the edge of the beautiful Finnmark Plateau. The Finnmark Plateau can be described as endless snow-covered expanses and stunning surroundings, giving you the sensation of being small in the vast landscape.

We stay overnight in mountain lodges with comfort, back to basics. When it comes to food, you’ll only get local and locally sourced ingredients. We have good drinks, and you’ll hear stories about the rugged life on the plateau. You’ll become acquainted with the Sami culture, and perhaps the journey will change you as a person.

This is the trip where you are offline to the world and online in your mind.

Full training will be provided by our guides; we always have two guides on our tours. The clothing we use is of the highest quality to ensure you feel safe and warm.

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Experience the best of Finnmark’s nature

On this journey, you’re offline to the world and online in your mind