Historic RIB Adventure

Step into the past as Altafjord beckons you on a captivating RIB boat journey where history and nature seamlessly merge. Glide through serene waters to unveil ancient rock carvings and remnants of World War II, each preserving a unique chapter of the fjord’s storied past.




Fall, winter


4-6 hours

The fjord’s rocky tapestry murmurs tales of ancient civilizations, while World War II relics offer silent testament to a turbulent era. Guided by expert captains, this immersive adventure seamlessly weaves history and nature into an unforgettable tapestry, leaving a lasting mark on your soul.

Practical information

  • Meeting Point: Our Explorer Store in the city center: Markedsgata 6, 9510 Alta. Other places on request.
  • Changes may occur due to weather and light conditions. We can not guarantee whales on our trips.
  • Wear warm clothes in accordance with the weather forecast and season. We recommend wool underwear from head to toe, also wool socks. Bring a warm and good sweater or jacket, hat and neck. In our premises we have a small selection of wool underwear, hats and souvenirs.
  • This trip is not recommended for those with back problems or if you are pregnant. Minimum age on this trip is 8 years.
  • Families / groups with children under 8 years; contact us for a private tour on request.

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Join us for an inspirational voyage, forging connections with Altafjord’s marvels, and unraveling its secrets in all their magnificence.