Whale watching in the Altafjord

In November to January, orcas, humpback-, fin whales and dolphins gather in the fjords around Alta for their big herring-feast. These fantastic giants enjoy their “food platter”, and to be part of this spectacle of nature will leave you in an awe. And it does not end with the whales, we often can observe Arctic dolphins and the majestic sea eagle with a wingspan up to 2.5 meter.


November – January




6 h

On the bus ride to the boat the guide will tell you about the history of this area from the stone age to modern times, while driving through breathtaking landscapes.

On the boat tour, searching for the whales you can relax inside the cabin with a warm drink.  When we find the whales we do try to avoid disturbing them, but we normally can come close enough to take good photos. We can not guarantee you 100% that we will find the whales, but we can promise a memorable experience in the fjords of the Arctic.

Explore breathtaking fjord landscapes and wildlife, while searching for the world’s largest mammal: the whale