How to make the most of the autumn holidays in Alta

Autumn is one of the most exciting times of the year in Alta, not to mention one of the greatest seasons to head outside and enjoy nature. Alta’s varied terrain brings endless possibilities to choose from, whether you enjoy spending your time in the forest, the mountains or up on the great Finnmark plateau.

Alta is one big playground if you are interested in the outdoors, but there is also a good selection of things to do for those interested in culture and food.

There are also a number of hiking possibilities in Alta, which are worth a visit if you want to experience Alta on your own. Autumn is also a great time to start looking for the first northern lights of the season, as they typically appear at the beginning of September. Put on good clothes, find a place without too much light pollution and start the hunt when the evening comes.

Here we have collected a number of experiences in Alta that are worth spending the autumn holiday on: