Adventure cruise

On this tour we explore all the wonderful things the Altafjord has to offer with its rich wildlife, history, nature and fauna. We turn off the engine and use all our senses to take it all in.


All year



Birdwatching and wildlife

The bird and wildlife in Northern Norway is extremely rich. Some of the most common species in this area is puffins, razorbills, auks, storm petrels, northern gannets and the mighty sea eagle to name a few. In order to see the rich bird life we will drive out to specific islands that thousands live on during the season.

On the trip we will also be driving close to the coastline to see other animals such as reindeers, otters, and if we are lucky we might even see some dolphins on the way.

Nature and fauna

During spring and summer the trees and the forest come to life and blossom. Finnmark has a quite special fauna worth experiecing.

Story telling

The captain is very interested in local history and for those who are interested he will gladly tell stories about the rich history surrounding the Altafjord. Some of the most popular stories include the enormous German battleship Tirpitz, the Northern Light Observatory at peak Haldde, that started researching the phenomenon aurora borealis in 1899, and the mines in Kåfjord that was built by English businessmen in 1830. On our tours we will also be travelling to island that were inhabited hundreds of years ago.

Secret areas

Parts of the areas we will be going to are kept secret in order to protect wildlife, historical monuments and to avoid mass tourism to sensitive areas. The Altafjord has some spectacular areas with hidden oases, remains of submarines from World War II and cute rare animals that we do not want hunted.

Focus on safety

Safety and security are the most important thing on our tours. In Finnmark, the weather often dictates what is possible or not, and as a policy the company will not run a tour if we cannot guarantee your safety. In such cases, we will be flexible and postpone the tour to the next day or offer another adventure that is safer.

Important information

We offer three different durations of our trips – you can choose between 1 hour, 2 hours or 4 to 6 hours. The tours include a captain/guide, a warm suit, a life jacket, and on the longest tours a light meal and drinks. It is possible to buy transport to and from the boat – this can be booked as an extra service in our booking system. Alcohol is not allowed onboard. The group size is limited to maximum 4 px. (With larger boat up to 12 people)

Get away from city life, stress and work

On this tour we explore all the wonderful things the Altafjord has to offer with its rich wildlife, history, nature and fauna.