Rock carvings at Alta museum

Alta has more rock art made by hunter-trappers than anywhere else in Northern Europe!


Summer, fall




1-2 hours


1-3 km

Here, there are around 6,000 rock carvings, the oldest more than 7000 years old. Designs such as reindeer, moose and bear are most common. The rock carvings tell of daily life in the Stone Age, and show magnificent scenes from people’s cooperation on hunting and fishing, the use of boats and how skiing and snowshoeing were an important means of access in the winter. The rock art also gives us a glimpse into the inner lives and minds of men.

You can experience the rock carvings best by using the centre’s guidebook or an audio guide. The audio guides are highly recommended. They give a vivid account of the rock art and the time they were created. It is also possible to book a private guided tour. From the museum there are paths to the painted and unpainted rock carvings and you can choose between a short walk of 1.2 km or a longer trip of 3 km.

Alta Musem does also have indoor exhibitions.

During the high season of summer, various exciting Stone Age activities take place in the rock carving area. Here you can try archery, create your own arrowhead and much more. Here there are lavvu and bonfires, so everyone in the family can enjoy themselves together.

The Rock Art Park is available in the snow/ice free period of the year. The museum and indoor exhibitions are open all year. There are 5 boulders with real rock art in the main exhibition. One of these is the famous “Pippi Rock”, the first rock carving to be found in Alta. Come meet Pippi and learn more about the stone age and Alta’s exciting history.

Experience the rock art with your own eyes

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