Riverboat Experiences

Experience the Alta River with one of our experienced guides in a traditional river boat that takes you to the Nedre Sierra, Pahtakoski or to Northern Europe’s largest river canyon – the Alta Canyon





Experience the Alta River with one of our experienced guides in a traditional riverboat. Since 1970, the third-generation brothers Hans Ulrik and Tor Kjetil, have been operating riverboat tours on the Alta River. The Alta river is world-famous for salmon sport fishing and our guides will explain this and many other fascinating aspects of the river. The Wisløff family has a long history providing expert guidance to the salmon fishermen including the Norwegian Royal family.

Riverboat experience to Pahtakoski

This riverboat experience maneuvers through the Alta river and the river wilderness to the first major rapid, Pahtakoski. The Alta river is one of the World’s best salmon rivers and can be described as the heart and lungs of Alta’s society. The striking landscape provides much of the local population with a place to create memories in the great outdoors in the epicenter of stunning nature. Experience the magnitude and strength of the natural landscape on this adventure over the rushing river water.

Duration: 1-1,5 hours

Riverboat experience to Alta Canyon

Traveling against the current of the Alta River and powering through exciting rapids, this journey takes you to the farthest possible point in the river by riverboat. The trip up the river starts in a green, lush forest landscape and farms on the riverbank. Along the way, you might even catch a glimpse of golden eagles hovering over the treetops.

Soon the landscape changes character, and the mountains and cliffs creep closer to the river. Eventually, the landscape appears dark and intense as we drive through several rapids. Finally, we reach Gabonakken, also known as Gabo, where the unique and breathtaking form of the Alta Canyon dominates the landscape.

This is the longest riverboat experience conducted by Sorrisniva. It follows the river as it winds through the wilderness and passes over several rapids. Whilst the rapid passages are exciting, our river boatmen ensure your safety. The safari passes through the Alta Canyon which is the largest river canyon in Northern Europe.

Duration: 2-2,5 hours

  • Dress in warm clothes as the river water is cold creating cool breezes.
  • The trip must be booked in advance.

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Experience the Alta River from a traditional river boat

The trip takes you to the Nedre Sierra, which is one of the most popular fishing spots in the Alta River.