Top 13 experiences during summer in Alta

There are lots of things to do in Alta in the summer, both for families, friends and couples who choose Alta as their next destination.

1: The rock art in Hjemmeluft
The world-famous petroglyphs are part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Hjemmeluft contains the most extensive concentration of rock art created by hunters and gatherers in Northern Europe. Visit Alta Museum and find over 3000 petroglyphs. The oldest are over 7000 years old. In summer and autumn you can walk on the prepared path through the area.

2: Alta Canyon
There are several ways to experience Northern Europe’s largest Canyon. From the iconic vantage point on the west side of the river, you can feel the gas-sucking sensation, knowing that it is a hundred meters down to the river. Here you can read more about how to get to Alta Canyon.

3: Bakery and Saturday café at Trasti and Trine
Alta’s by far the most cozy yard can be found at Trasti and Trine. Stop by the bakery and buy fresh baked goods of the best quality or take your travel companion to a Saturday café. Here you will be served both simple lunch dishes and baked goods straight from the bakery.

4: Unique accommodation in the Alta region
Make the overnight stay an experience. In Alta and the nearby region you will find several exciting accommodations out of the ordinary. Just outside the center of Alta you can sleep close to nature in the Aurora Canvas Dome at GLØD Explorer. One hour south to Jøkelfjord you can sleep at the luxury igloo of Isbreen the Glacier at the foot of the glacier Øksfjordjøkelen.

5: The Northern Lights Cathedral
We must of course mention the Northern Lights Cathedral which puts a beautiful dot at the end of the pedestrian street. The cathedral is as elegant as the Northern Lights themselves. In the basement you will find Borealis Alta, where you can learn more about the Northern Lights. Here you can find more information about the Northern Lights Cathedral.

6: The world’s northernmost climbing park
In the climbing park in Sarves you can challenge yourself in the world’s northernmost climbing park. Between the pine trees you will find 55 airy challenges of varying difficulty. There are separate climbing trails for children and a total of 6 trails for people over 140 cm.

7: Deep sea fishing on Seiland, Sandland and Storekornes
There are rumors about deep-sea fishing in the Altafjord. Just by dropping the line into the sea, you get halibut and other big fish on the hook. The topography of the Altafjord consists of long streams, steep cliffs and long sandy beaches and that makes it a perfect habitat for larger fish. You can experience deep sea fishing on the dream island Seiland, Sandland in Loppa and at Storekorsnes.

8: Hiking in Alta
Alta offers a variety of hiking opportunities, both mountain hikes close to the center and more demanding hikes. The elongated Finnmarksvidda is waiting to be discovered. Close to the city centre, both Komsatoppen and Hjemmelufttoppen are favorites among the locals. On Alta’s highest mountain peak, which rises 807 meters above sea level, the world’s first permanent aurora observatory was built. Here you will find an overview of mountain tours in Alta.

9: Offroad Finnmark
Alta is well known for its cycling environment and there is a lot of biking trails around the city and in the mountains. In July, Offroad Finnmark goes off the rails. This is Norway’s hardest and longest mountain bike ride and the cyclists meet the plateau with everything it has to offer: midnight sun, mosquitoes and hard cycling. During the riding week, you can experience several bikers start and finish this challenge.

10: Experience the Alta River
The world’s best salmon river. The Altaelva is well known for its culture and history, while the good and exclusive big salmon is known all over the world. Large parts of the river are only accessible by boat and with a local guide in a river boat you can get to know the river better. If you want to try a slightly tougher version and feel the adrenaline, you can test packraft down the river.

11: Eat biđus at Sami Siida
Biđus is a Sami meat soup with reindeer meat, potatoes and vegetables. The dish is often referred to as the Sami national dish and is often served at weddings, baptisms and confirmations. At Sami Siida you can eat biđus all year round and for all occasions. You can also greet the reindeer and get to know the Sami culture.

Biđus servert på Sami Siida.

12: Play golf under the midnight sun!
Alta has one of the northernmost golf courses in Norway and from mid-May you can play golf around the clock. At the beginning of July, the unofficial WC in midnight sun golf is also organised, where players from all over the country compete to become world champion. The competition has been organized since 2014.

13: Experience the wildlife and history of the Altafjord
The Altafjord has a unique history and rich wildlife, which is worth spending some time experiencing. Here you can catch a glimpse of birds and seals in their natural habitat, while also hearing more about the history of the Altafjord. Did you know that the battleship Tirpitz could never drop anchor in the Altafjord? Together with finnmark moods we go on safari in the fjord!

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