Holmen Husky Lodge

Discover the beauty of the arctic. This is a place for both relaxation and adventure. Whether you dream of watching the Northern Lights from the comfort of a warm bed or exploring nature with a team of huskies.


Holmen 100, 9516 Alta


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Holmen Husky Lodge offers a truly immersive Arctic experience, blending the thrill of dogsledding and unique accommodation with the serene beauty of Northern Norway’s wilderness. Located 10 minutes outside of Alta City Centre, Holmen Husky is a family-run lodge that has been sharing their passion for sled dogs and the Arctic lifestyle since the 1980s.

Activities & Experiences

Holmen Husky Lodge provides a variety of activities that cater to both adventure seekers and those looking to relax. Key offerings include:

  • Dogsledding Tours: Available in both winter and autumn, these tours let you experience the synergy between people and dogs. Whether it’s a short two-hour tour or a more extended adventure, you’ll enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and the company of enthusiastic huskies.
  • Northern Lights Tours: Join knowledgeable guides to hunt for the Aurora Borealis. These tours take you to the best vantage points, offering a spectacular view of the Northern Lights along with insights into their significance in the history of Alta.
  • Multi-day Packages: For a more extended stay, Holmen Husky offers multi-day packages that include dog sledding, igloo hotel stays, snowmobiling, and reindeer sledding. These packages are designed to give you a comprehensive Arctic experience.


The lodge features the new Forest Suites, which combine rustic Arctic charm with modern comforts. Each 62 sq m cabin includes a spacious living area with a panoramic window, a cozy upstairs bedroom perfect for stargazing, and amenities like a sauna, ice bath, and jacuzzi for relaxation after a day of adventures.


Guests can enjoy local flavors at The Barn Restaurant, which serves a diverse breakfast buffet, pre-booked lunches, and social evening dinners featuring the best regional ingredients.

History and Legacy

Founded by Kari J√¶ger and Eirik Nilsen, Holmen Husky Lodge is built on a deep passion for sled dogs and Arctic exploration. The founders’ legacy continues through their children, who now actively participate in sled dog racing and lodge operations, ensuring that guests experience the same passion and dedication that has defined Holmen Husky for decades.

Come and visit Holmen Husky Lodge

There is no better way to experience nature than from the dog sled. We will take you on a journey to discover the beauty of the Arctic