Meet the ambassadors

Embark on a visual journey through the heart of Alta through our dedicated ambassadors. Each with their own unique style and perspective, they capture the essence of arctic living in Alta.

Our ambassadors presents everything from the rugged beauty of the Arctic outdoors to the enchanting Northern Lights and wildlife, to vibrant portrayals of Alta’s cultural tapestry.

Through their images, AId Harjo, Dánil Røkke and HIlde Bye, capture the essence of arctic living. Aid brings you close to Alta’s raw nature with her outdoor images. Hilde’s work is deeply rooted in the region’s coastal heritage, depicting life by Loppahavet. Meanwhile, Dánil’s dynamic compositions capture the personal moments we have here in Alta.

In their work, these photographers have distinguished themselves as excellent representatives of the Alta region, inspirinng both locals and visitors to appreciate what Alta has to offer as a destination.

This is arctic living