Hilde Bye

Hilde Bye is from Øksfjord, a place surrounded by large, majestic mountains, with Loppahavet right outside her door.

Her journey into the world of photography began in 2013, and since then, she has developed her skills as a talented self-taught hobbyist photographer. She has a fondness for coastal and sea landscapes, capturing the impressions of changing colors and weather conditions​


“Loves to portray the arctic nature in the north”

She loves to convey the beauty of the Arctic nature in northern Norway through her lens, often incorporating human elements. Her heart is closest to motifs like the midnight sun, the moon’s mystical glow, and the magical northern lights.

In her photography, she uses creative elements such as experimenting with light chains in the dark, creating magical scenes and an illusion of a starry sky. She is enthusiastic about getting close to nature and wild animals​​.

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Although her roots are deeply planted in the Finnmark coast, she is continuously thrilled and inspired by the varied and beautiful landscape of the Arctic part of the country. She appreciates the beauty of the harsh seasonal changes and how nature shapes life and culture in the north

This is arctic living