Aid Harjo

Aid Harjo is 52 years old and a relatively new resident of Alta, having lived there for six years. She works as an office manager at Stendi and enjoys her job.

Her love for nature, especially mountains, significantly influences her leisure time. She spends a lot of time outdoors, mostly on short hikes and occasionally on longer trips. During summer, she often hikes mountain trails, while winter brings ski and snowshoe trips. She finds great joy in the vast plains, ski touring on randonee, the solitude of solo tent trips, or the warmth of a campfire with friends.

Aid Harjo

“My passion for nature is also one of mye inspirations when it comes to photography”

Her passion for nature also inspires her photography, predominantly captured with an iPhone 14 Pro. When planning her trips, she uses YR, Kartverket, and Varsom to maximize the experience and ensure safety​​.

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