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Welcome to Stakeriet, Alta’s Nordic Gourmet Tapas Restaurant. Experience some of the best Nordic cuisine has to offer.



Markedsgata 18, 9510 Alta


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Our vision is to create an experience for our guests. Not only with food and drink, but also an experience through storytelling.

Therefore, the concept around Stakeriet is anchored around Altaelva and Alta slate. Here you will gain an understanding of what the Alta River and the extraction of shale have meant for our history and culture. The name Stakeriet comes from the river staker – the driver in the river. Elvestakeren guided English lords and rich visitors who wanted to fish the very famous Alta salmon, from the 19th century until today. Our menu is locally based and we offer both a-la carte and group menus.

When we were working on our concept for the restaurant, we first tried many different ideas, inspired by both nordic and international cuisine. When it came to deciding what our favorites were, we could not make a decision, everything we had was just so good. So we asked ourselves, how can we make it possible for our guests to experience as much as possible of all these fantastic nordic dishes? Our solution: Nordic Gourmet Tapas.

All the fantastic dishes nordic food has to offer, in small sizes, so you get a chance to try everything, from reindeer to Boknafisk, arctic char, King crab and so much more.

And even better, most of our food is produced local in northern norway or even directly in Alta. This way we do our part in acting sustainable, and we still have many more plans to improve in the future.

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Welcome to Stakeriet

Experience some of the best Nordic cuisine has to offer