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Altagårdskogen 13, 9515 Alta


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Opplev Finnmark AS is a small family business that rents out motorhomes. We offer new, clean and insured recreational vehicles, all furnished so that everything you need for the trip is included if desired. Of course, we will pick you up for free at the airport in Alta.

Bring you hotel room room into the wild. Drive where you want, whenever you want, find your dream place, stay overnight and wake up in your own paradise!

We will take you to some of our absolute favorite places! We promise you new experiences, memories for life, very special food experiences, great walks in wild nature and most likely also new friends.

We would more than like to take you on a trip and you get the mechanic and administrator with you.

With Alta as a starting point, you can get a little of everything, and you can take many nice round trips. Furthermore, we can help you recommend itineraries and experiences if you wish.

Finnmark is a beautiful and hospitable county to holiday in, so give yourself plenty of time. The distances are great, the roads are clean motorways and there is little traffic here. Fricampe can be done almost anywhere!

If, in addition to places in Finnmark, you want to see Lofoten and Tromsø, it is only a few hours drive from Alta. Sweeden and Finland the same. Every season is magical in their own way, especially spring with the midnightsun and autumn with aurora borealis.

All our cars are 2018, 2019 and 2020 models. So we guarantee you good comfort and clean cars, which is the best starting point for a comfortable journey in beautiful Finnmark.

The concept we build on is that everything you need for the trip should be ready when you arrive in Finnmark.

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You can rent a motorhome with us, either to explore beautiful Finnmark on your own or you can join us in one of our nice tours.