Opplev Finnmark

Opplev Finnmark AS is a small family business that rents out motorhomes. We offer new, clean and insured recreational vehicles, all furnished so that everything you need for the trip is included if desired. Of course, we will pick you up for free at the airport in Alta.


Langnesveien 449, 9540 Talvik


+47 940 94 394





Bring you hotel room room into the wild. Drive where you want, whenever you want, find your dream place, stay overnight and wake up in your own paradise!

Create your own truly magical moments in a totally wild and beautiful Northern Norwegian nature!

Photo: Jan Nilsen/articpictures.no

Want to hunt for the amazing Northern Lights, experience the midnight sun, fishing in several fishy rivers or photographing one diverse wildlife? Opplev Finnmark is your natural choice.

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