Northern Lights Cathedral

The beauty and power of the northern lights have fascinated people across the ages.


Markedsgata 30, 9010 Alta


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While various cultures have told their own stories about the aurora borealis, researchers have been looking for a scientific explanation of the phenomenon. This interactive exhibition brings together different stories about the northern lights and its magical qualities. This is an interactive exhibition with unique and atmospheric experiences based on Sami myths about the northern lights. The exhibition is tailormade for the Northern Light City of Alta, as since year 2000, has been named the city of the Northern Lights. This is because of the historical importance Alta has had in developing knowledge about the phenomenon and the good conditions for experiencing the Northern Lights.

We have gathered science and myths in a center that will be both a support and an attraction in itself. BorealisAlta is located in the Northern Lights Cathedral, the new church of Alta that has already become a well known icon and symbol of the town. The church combines spiritual and natural elements in its design and artwork. The acclaimed company Explogy, working with experience design, has been given the task of developing the attraction.

Nordlys Borealis Alta

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