Isbreen – The Glacier

Welcome to Isbreen The Glacier, a secluded, luxurious igloo property by the foot of a glacier, located only an hour drive away from Alta.


Saltnesvegen 8, 9163 Jøkelfjord



At the northernmost tip of the European landmass, the Øksfjordjøkelen glacier calves 2,625 feet down into the freezing water. Across the fjord, the curves of five geodesic igloos rise discreetly from the boreal forest. Spacious, stylish, and with spectacular views through panoramic windows, these elegant domes offer serenity and comfort, a hideaway in the untouched Arctic wilderness.
Isbreen The Glacier is a secluded gem far above the Arctic Circle, where the northern lights graze the skies close to 200 nights per year!


Our five luxurious and spacious igloos are all equipped with modern, ensuite bathrooms, a private jacuzzi on the terrace and underfloor heating, ensuring that you will shed your layers in comfort even when the mercury plunges below zero; the glow and crackle of a wood burning stove adds a touch of traditional winter comfort. The interiors are designed in pure, elemental colors with furnishings that flow together with the dramatic polar landscape outside.

The main building holds the property’s kitchen and dining room, where you will be invited in for delectable meals while enjoying spectacular views of the fjord below.

Food & dining

A stay at Isbreen The Glacier includes all meals and beverages prepared by your own private chef, access to all onsite facilities, equipment and activities, as well the attention of a private host to make your stay as personal and enjoyable as possible.

We are dedicated to highlighting the richness of the Arctic cuisine, its distinctive flavors, and the abundance of locally sourced ingredients like fish, reindeer, sheep, and more. Our commitment lies in providing you with a culinary experience that gives you a truly special sense of place.

Authentic arctic adventures

We offer a full range of activities for seasoned adventurers as well as bold and brave beginners, allowing our guests to experience authentic Arctic experiences on the fjord, by the glacier, and the surrounding majestic mountains.

At our property and destination, authenticity is paramount. We take pride in offering our guests a genuine experience, untouched by artificial alterations. We don’t ask our suppliers to adapt their products or experiences; instead, we embrace the real deal – genuine people, unfiltered experiences, and a truly unique immersion into the heart of our culture.

By preserving the authenticity of our offerings, we ensure that every moment spent with us is rich with genuine connections and meaningful experiences. From the products we source to the activities we offer, everything reflects the true essence of our destination.

In winter, this is the ideal place to witness the aurora borealis, as Isbreen The Glacier is located right below the aurora belt, with no light pollution. Immerse yourself in exclusive private adventures, from the exhilaration of swimming with whales to serene fjord and wildlife cruises. Embark on thrilling snowmobiling expeditions, glide through the landscape on dog sleds, or traverse the snow-covered terrain on skis or snowshoes.

In summer, as the midnight sun flitters between the mountains, shimmering on the crystal blue waters of the fjord, guests can enjoy guided hiking, biking, and kayaking tours, as well as a fjord cruise or an immersive encounter with the indigenous Sami people and their reindeer.

When you choose to stay with us, you’re not just a visitor; you become a part of our community, welcomed with open arms into a world where authenticity reigns supreme. Prepare for an unforgettable journey where every encounter is genuine, and every experience is an authentic reflection of our culture and heritage.

Welcome to Jøkelfjord

We hope to welcome you to our little piece of paradise very soon.