Bjørnfjell Mountain Lodge

A taste of serenity and a dash of adventurous complexion. Choose from 5 comfortable cabins or a room in the main lodge for your stay in Alta, Norway.


Nordelvdalen 200, 9517 Alta


+47 781 02 030



With its location in the heart of the Arctic, you come into contact with the root of Norwegian culture and cabin life. Norwegians spend an average of 60 nights each year at the lodge. This is an inheritance from the farming culture in the 20th century when the farmer took the animals to the mountains in pasture in the summer. The farm girls lived on the farm where they took care of the animals and made milk, berries and whatever else they could find in the wild. Naturally, this became a romantic place where the girls were often visited over the long, bright summer evenings. At Bjørnfjell, we want to give you the opportunity to take part in this farming culture. Let nature embrace you, listen to the birds singing and the creek that flows by. Take a walk in beautiful surroundings before enjoying a refreshment in front of the crackling bonfire in front of the fireplace.

Nestled amongst mountains and open space, the area catches the spirit of skiers, hikers, Northern Lights enthusiasts, families, and more. The accommodation lies 379 km above the arctic circle, and 20 km away from Alta City Center, which makes it a stunning location to be engulfed by open nature and natural phenomenon.

Feel close to the outside world at Bjørnfjell Mountain Lodge

Situated in the heart of the arctic, the mountain lodge exhibits a deep-rooted connection to Norwegian farming and cabin culture.