Arctic Nuvsvåg

Mighty mountains and spectacular nature at the very edge of the sea – welcome to Arctic Nuvsvåg! The area surrounding Nuvsvåg offers excellent fishing conditions and a wide range of activities throughout the year, whether you want to take advantage of the many hiking opportunities or simply enjoy the tranquility in the company of good friends.


Nuvsvågveien 1548, 9582 Nuvsvåg


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In the old days, there was a bustling life in the village, with both a local fishing fleet and active farming. Today, the place is a small, hidden gem that offers a wealth of experiences. Despite its location at the very edge of the coast, it is relatively easy to reach us. If you’re coming from afar, the easiest way is to fly to Alta and then travel the last part by car and ferry. Remember to check the ferry schedule!

With us, the season stretches from early March to the end of September, and over this period we can offer a varied range of experiences that are guaranteed to create memories for a lifetime:

The hunt for the giant halibut – sea fishing in Lopphavet

At Arctic Nuvsvåg, you can experience exciting and varied sea fishing in spectacular surroundings from April to September. The legendary Lopphavet is widely known for its big catches all year round, and especially for its fantastic halibut fishing from May to September. Most people who come to Nuvsvåg for sea fishing hope to catch the big halibut. Other frequently caught fish species include cod and the “torpedo of the sea” – coalfish. These can also be fished all year, but the main season for coalfish is from June to August. It’s also possible to catch other types of fish, with monkfish, wolffish, and redfish being the most “exclusive.”

Arctic Nuvsvåg offers boat rental for independent sea fishing, and we are more than happy to give you tips on where to find the big catch!

If you have a favorite fishing rod, bring it along. If you wish to rent equipment, that is of course also possible with us. We also have a small shop that offers fishing and safety equipment, gasoline, and snacks for the fishing trip.

Majestic white peaks – raw and beautiful on a mountain tour

The mountains surrounding Nuvsvåg and Nuvsfjorden form the steepest and most alpine part of the Finnmark Alps. Here, you can explore pristine mountains that offer world-class summit tours – for beginners as well as experienced mountaineering enthusiasts.

In addition to mountains that rise straight out of the sea, there are exciting glacier areas that also offer great summit and powder skiing opportunities. At Arctic Nuvsvåg, you can strap on your skis and go directly from your cabin, or choose “ski by car” – the next mountaineering experience is always nearby!

If you wish for a guide for your trip, we can arrange this through one of our partners. These partners can also offer rental of ski and avalanche equipment if needed.

For families and the active

The areas around Nuvsvåg are full of contrasts and variety, offering a brilliant starting point for both active and relaxing stays. In the fresh air and silence, you can lie in the heather and let your mind wander, with nothing but your own heartbeat and the whispering wind as company.

Alternatively, you can challenge yourself with a summit hike to some of our magnificent Finnmark Alps, which rise a thousand meters straight up from the sea. In the area, there are also several “Perleturer” – low-threshold activities leading to several beautiful destinations suitable for the whole family.

You can fish for trout in the legendary Jomfrudalen, go berry picking in the autumn months, or how about a bike ride along the coastal road with the chance of encountering the majestic sea eagle?

With Lopphavet as our nearest neighbor to the north, there are also varied activities in the aquatic realm. Just 200 meters from Arctic Nuvsvåg lies an extensive sandy beach, an excellent starting point for swimming and trips with SUP boards or kayaks. The beach is also a great spot for windsurfing and kiting throughout the year. For those who love speed, a ride on water skis is recommended – our boats can easily pull you up! In the neighboring fjord to the west, Ullsfjord, you can wander around the ruins of a large coastal fort that was operational during World War II. This area also offers nice hiking terrain for both adults and children.

Whatever you desire – we bring you back to the elements!

New memories for a lifetime await!

Let yourself be captivated by magnificent nature, azure blue sea, and deafening silence. Welcome to Nuvsvåg!