Whale Safari

In the past few years the whale as driven a lot further north to Finnmark and Alta is an excellent place to experience these spectacular animals from.





Meet the family

Our tours goes to a particular area where a specific family of sperm whales have lived for the past two years. The youngest whales are quite playful and curious.

The species you find in Alta

The two most common species in the Altafjord are sperm whale and killer whales (orcas), but it is also good opportunities to see harbour porpoises and harbour seals.


The whales live here all winter, but this is a trip that is completely dependent on good weather. If the weather is bad or we have a lot of fog, it is not possible to see whales. In this case we can either wait until the weather cleares up or arrange a different excursion.

Focus on safety

Safety and security are the most important thing on our tours. In Finnmark, the weather often dictates what is possible or not, and as a policy the company will not run a tour if we cannot guarantee your safety. In such cases, we will be flexible and postpone the tour to the next day or offer another adventure that is safer.

Important information

The tours include a captain/guide, a warm suit, a life jacket, and on the longest tours a light meal and drinks. It is possible to buy transport to and from the boat – this can be booked as an extra service in our booking system. Alcohol is not allowed onboard. The group size is limited to maximum 4 px. (With larger boat up to 12 people)

Join our Whale Safari

Whale Safari is one of the most popular attractions in Northern Norway for tourists