Visit a salmon farm

A guided boat trip to a salmon farm in the Alta fjord. Booking available during the summer months.






3 hours

Experience aquaculture up close with House of Salmon! Combine a boat trip in the beautiful Alta fjord with an educational experience on a fish farm. It’s an exciting opportunity to see salmon farming up close and gain insight into a modern and sustainable industry. 

The boat trip starts from Alta Harbour and takes about 30 min each way. The tour goes through a beautiful coastal landscape before we arrive at the fish farm Mortensnes, where our experienced guides will show you around and explain to you how the fish farm works. 

Overalls, boots and necessary safety equipment is included. You are responsible for dressing appropriate to the weather – remember that it is often colder at sea than on land.

Departures are subject to weather conditions. Age limit 12 years. 

Visit a fish farm and experience aquaculture up close

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