Private Tour to Alta Canyon and Power Station

Take a Ride with a private car and an experienced local guide to Sautso, Northern Europe’s largest canyon.


May – October




4 hours

You will be picked up by a guide/driver in a private car, and driven out to Sautso, the biggest canyon in Northern Europe. The one-hour ride to the canyon will give the guide to talk with you about life in Alta and Norway, the history of the area, and details about the history and controversy of the dam and the Sami people in the area. You’ll have time to stop and take some pictures of the stunning canyon view, and then it’s off to the power station itself. Though the facility is currently generating power, all operations are controlled remotely, so you and your guide will very likely be the only people in the huge facility! You’ll descend through a tunnel to the visitor center inside the rock cliff, see a short film produced by the power company, and then head out to walk across the dam itself.

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