Enjoy a Fjord Safari through Altafjord with historical insights, wildlife viewing, comfortable boats with amenities, and UNESCO-listed rock carvings exploration.


Havneveien 24, Alta




2 hours


All year

On our Fjord Safari through Altafjord, you will see the historical sites in Kåfjord from our comfortable boats, equipped with free coffee, toilet, heating, wifi, and charging facilities. We start the tour from Alta harbor and take you on a journey past Brattholmen, through Kåfjord, and share the stories of the areas we pass, including the old copper works and the memorial over Tirpitz. 

Our guides will also point out the area where the ancient rock carvings, which are on UNESCO’s World Heritage list, are located. These rock carvings tell stories that stretch up to 6000 years back in time. The tour is adapted to weather conditions to ensure the best experience. 

You will also have the opportunity to observe the wildlife in the fjord, which can include everything from dolphins, porpoises, whales, eagles, and the rich bird life that calls this part of Norway its home. 


  • Boats with heating, wifi, and charging facilities. 
  • A rare opportunity to see the area where the UNESCO-listed rock carvings are located, in addition to the history of the former copper works and Tirpitz. 
  • Free coffee while you explore Altafjord’s historical sites from the water. 


Guests are encouraged to dress according to the weather to enjoy the tour from both indoor and open decks. Preparation for the weather conditions is important.


  • Guided narratives about the history of Altafjord. 
  • Access to both indoor and outdoor areas for a varied experience. 
  • A safe and comfortable trip with all necessary facilities.

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