Deep-sea fishing – seeking the big catch

Is the dream to catch halibut over 100 kilograms or to reel in cod weighing 20 kilograms or more? The sea area off Nuvsvåg is widely known for excellent fishing. Why not take the trip and try it for yourself?


Spring, summer, autumn


Light to moderate


At your own request

Deep-Sea Fishing in Nuvsvåg and the Lopp Sea

At Arctic Nuvsvåg, you can experience exciting and diverse sea fishing in spectacular surroundings from April to September. The Lopp Sea is renowned for big catches all year round, especially for its fantastic halibut fishing from May to September. Arctic Nuvsvåg offers boat rentals for deep-sea fishing on your own, and we are more than happy to provide tips on where to find the big catches!

If you have a favorite fishing rod, bring it along. If you prefer to rent equipment, that’s certainly possible with us at Arctic Nuvsvåg. Additionally, we have a small shop that offers fishing and safety gear, fuel, and snacks for your fishing trip.

Fish You Can Hook in the Lopp Sea

The Lopp Sea is widely known for its excellent halibut fishing. Most visitors who come to Nuvsvåg for sea fishing likely hope to hook a big halibut. Halibut can be caught throughout the year, but the peak season for big halibut is from August to October.

Other fish species that frequently take the bait include cod and the “sea torpedo” – saithe. These can be fished throughout the year, but the main season for saithe is from June to August. It’s also possible to catch other types of fish, with halibut, monkfish, and redfish being the most “exclusive.”

Rent a Boat for the Trip

Our Kværnø boats are specially designed for sea fishing in Arctic waters. We have six boats, all equipped with sonar, GPS, and the Guard fleet management system. Up to four people can comfortably fish simultaneously in each boat. Life jackets are, of course, included when you go deep-sea fishing in the Lopp Sea!


It is important to us that our guests are safe at sea. We require everyone aboard boats rented from us to wear life jackets while on the water. Life jackets are included in the boat rental. It is not sufficient to have it in the boat – it should be worn at all times!

All our boats are equipped with GPS and the Guard tracking system, ensuring that we always know the location of our guests. We have defined a demarcation line in the Gofish app, so you as a guest are alerted to how far you can go without risking running out of fuel.

The Big Catch and New Memories for Life Await!

The pursuit of the big halibut and other major catches awaits. Welcome to Nuvsvåg!