Accommodation with Plenty of Hiking and Adventure Opportunities

Wake up to the sound of waves crashing against the shore, and enjoy your morning coffee with a view of our majestic Finnmark Alps. Right outside, adventures await!


Nuvsvågveien 1548, 9582 Nuvsvåg




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In our accommodations, you can stay in one of our cozy log cabins, the Jomfrudalen apartment, or one of several holiday homes we have available as needed. The units accommodate between four and eight people, and all offer spectacular views!

The unique combination of steep alpine mountains and green-clad valleys provides us with a wealth of nature experiences in Nuvsvåg. Here, you can challenge yourself with a summit hike to one of our majestic 1000-meter mountains, or you can collect stamps on the “Perletur” – an easily accessible activity leading to several beautiful destinations for the whole family. You can fish for trout in the legendary Jomfrudalen, go berry picking in the autumn months, or how about a bike ride along the coastal road with the chance to encounter the majestic sea eagle? If you’re interested in photography, you have subjects in every direction, and the midnight sun visits us around the clock during the summer months. Feel free to contact us for information about the area.

With the Loppa Sea as our nearest neighbor to the north, there are also various activities in the watery element – in addition to deep-sea fishing. Just 200 meters from Arctic Nuvsvåg is an extensive sandy beach that is an excellent starting point for swimming and trips on SUP boards or in kayaks. The beach is also a good starting point for windsurfing and kiting, year-round. For those who love speed, a water skiing trip is recommended – our boats pull you up effortlessly! In the neighbor fjord to the west, Ullsfjord, you can explore the ruins of a large coastal fortress that was operational during World War II. There is also excellent hiking terrain here for both young and old.

There are also many great places for scuba diving in Nuvsvåg. In the areas beyond the village, you can discover a bustling marine life beneath the water, or explore sunken, old fishing boats. Towards the inner part of the fjord, you may also come across the remains of a German fighter plane that crashed during World War II.

New Memories for Life Await!

Be captivated by magnificent nature, azure blue sea, and profound silence. Welcome to Nuvsvåg!