The hotel that melts every spring

The igloo hotel is located on the banks of the legendary Alta River. Here is everything made of ice; the rooms, the beds and the glasses in the bar.

The world’s northernmost ice hotel impresses both Norwegian and foreign tourists. The story goes back 21 years. A large entourage from Alta’s tourism was on a trip to Swedish Jukkasjärvi, where the world’s first ice hotel was built.

General manager Tor Kjetil Wisløff and his brother decided that when they returned to Alta that they also wanted to try the same. This is how the idea of Norway’s first ice hotel was born. Along the way, they have built up good competence and knowledge around building ice hotels.

Locally docked

As much as 2,500 square meters of igloo hotel are built up every year. The ice is collected from Skjæravannet further up in the valley and the snow is produced by water from the Alta River. Step by step, the igloo hotel is being shaped. It takes about five weeks of hard work to complete the igloo hotel.

The igloo hotel melts in May and the planning for next season’s ice hotel will begin in early autumn.

An unique experience

The hotel and all the art inside are made by local artists. For Sorrisniva, it is especially important to use local labor to preserve the local identity. Experiencing the hotel includes the special atmosphere, sleeping comfortably on reindeer skins on a bed of ice, walking among handmade ice sculptures and being able to have a drink in the ice bar.

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Give yourself a break from everyday life and get into an atmosphere completely out of the ordinary. One of the highlights of the visit is our great ice cream bar where you can enjoy an ice drink!

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