The best of Sàpmi – summer

Join us for a special day at Sami Siida and get to know more about our special way of living as a reindeer herder family.






2 hours

When you arrive Sami Siida, you will be greeted by members of a reindeer-herder family. They will give you an understanding about their life by telling you about their special way of living and show you things they have made, and by showing and telling about their traditional clothing.

One of the hosts will guide you through the Siida/Park and you will get a narration about Sami history, traditions and culture, and you will meet the reindeer. The host gives you a lot of information about the reindeer and invites you to learn how to throw a lasso. Reindeer-herders use the lasso to catch reindeer. This is an old tradition, which is still in use. You will have a course in throwing a lasso, and the host will tell you about this tradition. After the Lasso lesson, the host serves you coffee made on the bonfire and some Siida cake, while you are sitting by the fireplace in the lavvo.

While you are sitting by the fireplace the host starts preparing to serve you their traditional soup- called bidus. This meal is made of reindeer meat, carrots and potatoes, served with bread and juice/water. After the food experience you will experience traditional entertainment. The host will joik for you and tell you about joik, the sami way of singing. After the joiking, we will wrap things up, and the host will thank you for your visit.

Join us for an sami experience

Get to know more about our special way of living as a reindeer herder family.