Rebekka Holmgren

Northern Lights exhibition

The Northern Lights is a beautiful phenomenon in the dark arctic sky. Our modern understanding of the glowing lights has a long, rich history of science, research, culture and mythology. The Northern Lights Cathedral, one of Alta’s most striking and intriguing landmarks, is the perfect place to learn more about them.


All year



Like most museum exhibits, the attraction is packed with information to engage visitors, but the exhibit also includes fun, interactive areas to help bring the subject to life. Visitors can sing or wave to the northern lights – something that was strictly warned against in ancient myths – and the exhibit’s technology-generated northern lights will react and respond to the attention.

Visitors in the summertime will gain insight into the phenomenon that is hidden by the light of the midnight sun, and in the winter, guests will come away with a greater understanding and appreciation for the magical glow that dances overhead in the darkness.

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