Hunting Northern Lights by boat

Join us in an adventurous boat trip in the fjords and the sea around Seiland to hunt for Northern Lights in beautiful scenarios. The surrounded landscape in the sea combined with a clear sky can be the best place to enjoy this spectacle of nature. Our guide will take care of your safety and make you enjoy the trip with interesting stories about the local history and warm beverages.


Spring, winter, fall




4 hours


5 minute walk

Be part of us going in an adventurous trip in the Arctic Sea to hunt for the magical Northern Lights. In a comfortable boat, with warm drinks, friendly guide and interesting conversation about local history and this natural phenomenon we can get a big chance to enjoy the sublime appearance of Aurora Borealis in a starry sky. We will take all the needed precautions and check the forecast to get to know the probability to see them shimmering on the dark blue sky. We will always do our best to meet them in our way, but if we are not lucky enough you must be aware that sighting it cannot be guaranteed.  

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