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Nordkapp Reiseliv AS, you official travel guide for North Cape

We welcome you as our guest to North Cape at the latitude of 71° North.

The municipality reaches out over 924 squarekm of grandiose and harsh coastal nature.

We promise you nature experiences of a lifetime and invite you to active and fulfilling days together with us.

Europe´s northernmost point, the North Cape, rises to a majestic 308 meters above the Barents Sea. North Cape has always been an important point of orientation for sailors in the northern areas and a big attraction for people from all over the world.
Your North Cape experience will be complete after you have visited the fishing villages, real sea experiences, bird safari and a trip to the northernmost point Knivskjelodden, all specially added to the many activities we offer you here at the latitude of 71° North. You will be seduced by the awe inspiring nature experiences on the top of Europe. Plan to take your holiday at latitude 71° North!

Guided tour of town by kick sledge

Firma Arctic Guide Service
Telefon +4747931054
e-post This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
DO you want to learn more about the history of Honningsvåg?

Join us on a unique guided tour with kick sledge. Starts from preferred location and visits optional places like the church, the museum and a local pub.

Deep sea fishing

Do you want to try your luck and fish in the sea close to North Cape? These areas around North Cape are among the best fishing grounds in the world. That’s why people have been living so far north as North Cape for more than 10.000 years. The main income for the communities along our coastline is fishery. The cold, clear and nutritious Barents Sea gives opportunities for great and diversified catches all the year around. Here it’s possible to catch the real large Cod, Atlantic Halibut, Catfish and Haddock. Come and try your fishing luck at North Cape!


  • Alta Gjestegaard & Spa

    Alta Gjestegaard & Spa

    Altafjord Gjestegaard & Spa is situated in Bossekop, 6 kilometres from Alta airport - in idyllic surroundings with a fantastic view of the Altafjord.
  • Alta River Camping

    Alta River Camping

    Alta River Camping is situated in scenic surroundings on the banks of the Alta River. The distance to the center of Alta is about 5 km. Highway 93 towards Kautokeino passes close by.
  • Scandic Alta

    Scandic Alta

    The hotel is perfect for anyone wishing to experience Norway’s spectacular nature up close. With a meeting and conference capacity for 650 participants, as well as access to a swimming pool and sauna, you can easily combine business with pleasure.

  • Storekorsnes Ferie & Fritid

    Storekorsnes Ferie & Fritid

    Experience the wonderful nature of Finnmark summer and winter. Sea fishing, safaris, midnight sun, northern lights, eagle, halibut, whale, reindeer and other arctic animals.

  • Sorrisniva AS

    Sorrisniva AS

    Sorrisniva is a year-round adventure and activity company, located on the banks of the River Alta. In 2009 we got the award for the year Hospitality Business of Innovation Norway. In the winter you can visit the largest and northernmost ice hotel. You...

Best Price Guarantee

We offer a best price guarantee if you book with us. Our booking system ensures the lowest rate charged by our suppliers of activities and accommodation.

Read more


  • GuideGunnar


    One of Norway’s most innovative and experienced tour guides, GuideGunnar is known for his energy and...

  • Holmen Husky Lodge

    Holmen Husky Lodge

    Join us on a thrilling dog sledding adventure in winter light! Experience wonderful nature, mountains and...

  • Northern Lights Husky og Trasti & Trine

    Northern Lights Husky og Trasti & Trine

    Trasti & Trine and Northern Lights Husky are based in Øvre Alta, 10 km from the centre of Alta. We offer...

  • CampAlta


    Alta river have always been an important part of life in Alta. The river supports a wide ecosystem of plants...

  • Icecube of Aurora

    Icecube of Aurora

    Icecube of Aurora is a local tourist fishing boat that engages in adventure tours in Altafjord.

  • Sami Siida

    Sami Siida

    Experience Sami culture, food and traditions. A warm welcome to our Siida!

Taste of the Arctic

  • Sami Siida

    Sami Siida

    Experience Sami culture, food and traditions. A warm welcome to our Siida!

  • SarvesAlta alpinsenter

    SarvesAlta alpinsenter

    Enjoy the view over Altafjorden in the fantastic slopes at SarvesAlta alpinsenter.Her kan du stå på...


  • Alta museum

    Alta museum

    The rock art in Alta is one of seven Norwegian listings on the UNESCO world heritage list

  • Storekorsnes Ferie & Fritid

    Storekorsnes Ferie & Fritid

    Experience the wonderful nature of Finnmark summer and winter. Sea fishing, safaris, midnight sun, northern...

  • Sami Siida

    Sami Siida

    Experience Sami culture, food and traditions. A warm welcome to our Siida!


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